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emily_newman [userpic]
Happy Birthday!
by emily_newman (emily_newman)
at 26th January 2010 (20:21)

Current mood: giddy

Yes, on this day in 1925, Paul Leonard Newman was born.  He would've been 85 today.  You know, it seems like he's much younger.  Or could that only be because 90% of my pictures of Paul are from before his 60th birthday . . .

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Paul!  Love you!  <3


Posted by: It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths (johnnygoodtimes)
Posted at: 27th January 2010 02:31 (UTC)
Cary Grant

TCM was showing some of his films today to celebrate. He was the best.

Posted by: emily_newman (emily_newman)
Posted at: 27th January 2010 02:33 (UTC)

I heard that TCM was doing that! I felt really ripped off for two reasons. 1.) A lot of the movies were playing while I was at school and 2.) I don't have TCM. :(

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